How on earth you call Suarez a cheat?

Every player has every right to commit a foul in order to prevent a goal. When someone is just to score an obvious goal, the defender has every right to deliberately foul him, let say by tripping him. So he failed to score. The defender will be sent off, and the attacking team will be awarded a penalty. The rules are enforced. The referee got the decision right.

The same analogy applied to Suarez. He has every right to commit a foul to prevent a goal. In this case, the type of foul he committed is handball. He got sent off, and Ghana got a penalty. The rules are enforced. The referee got the decision right.

Cheating is different. Cheating is mainly to deceive the referee, like Thierry Henry’s handball against Ireland or Maradona’s handball against England. Both players committed fouls but escaped the punishment. They successfully deceived the referee, which lead to the wrong decision. The rules are not enforced and the referee got the decision wrong.

If I were Suarez I would do the same thing. Even if I had to jump to the far post and punched the ball off the line to prevent a goal. I will get the red card. Yes! The opponent will get a penalty. Yes! I’m aware of that, and I will accept it.

However, I would not, in any second, do what Henry or Maradona do: handling the ball with the hand, scored a goal, and deceiving the referee pretending that I didn’t handle the ball with my hand. No way! That’s cheating!

I have no association or whatsoever with Uruguay football team. I’m in fact a fan of every African team playing in this world cup. However, we have to judge the case objectively even if it’s bitter for us. The example above hopefully could draw a clear line between legitimate foul and cheating, so people can make a fair judgement to what Suarez did!

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