[#4] ICG demanded #SaveMaryam to remove all references to ICG

International Crisis Group (ICG), http://www.crisisgroup.org, stated that the video on the savemaryam.com website seriously misrepresents its report, and has demanded Mercy Mission, the charity behind #SaveMaryam, to remove all references to the organisation immediately.

Apparently #SaveMaryam’s projection figure only comes from A FOOTNOTE in one of ICG’s report (Indonesia: “Christianisation”and Intolerance) [1] with statistics from only one city (Bekasi) that has a very specific characteristic, and then the numbers were extrapolated to the whole country.

This is shocking, absolutely shocking! This explains how Mercy Mission creates the report, JUST FROM A FOOTNOTE! They didn’t even bother read the full report. Shocking! Absolutely shocking! I lost words to describe this! Simply madness!!

The ICG report shown on #SaveMaryam video at 0:36 is actually the same ICG’s report [1]. The video showed us as if the report contains this sentence:


Guess what? That sentence doesn’t exist in ICG’s report, thus only made up by #SaveMaryam. Absolutely Shocking!

Below’s the message posted by official ICG facebook account on #SaveMaryam’s page:

International Crisis Group shared a link.

17 hours ago

Dear Sir:

The video on the savemaryam.com website seriously misrepresents an International Crisis Group report, and we request that you remove all references to our organization immediately.

Nowhere does our November 2010 report, Indonesia: “Christianisation”and Intolerance, list the number of Indonesian Muslims being converted each year, let alone make predictions about the future. It appears that you have taken one footnote, with statistics from one city where the population of Christians relative to Muslims had risen slightly, partly through in-migration of workers from elsewhere in the country, and extrapolated those numbers to the whole country.

The report reads: “In Bekasi, the focus of this briefing, municipal statistics show a steady growth of Protestants in relative terms.[footnote] Part of the increase may be due to the steady in-migration of Protestant Bataks from Sumatra to look for work.”

The footnote in question reads: “In 2000 Bekasi had a population of 1,668,494 of whom 89 per cent were Muslim, 6.5 per cent were Protestant and 3.2 were Catholic. By 2009 the population had jumped to 2,145,447 of whom 87.3 were Muslim, 8.05 per cent were Protestant and 2.98 were Catholic.”

The thesis of our report was not that Christians were overtaking Muslims in Indonesia, but that in one particular city, hard line groups from both religions were competing for the same ground, causing a rise in communal tensions. The report said that among the other causes of these tensions were the failure of the government to prevent or effectively prosecute incitement and intimidation against religious minorities; the growth of Islamic vigilante organizations that have become a public order menace; and aggressive evangelical Christian proselytizing in Muslim strongholds. The report describes some cases of the latter; it also describes violence by Islamist groups against Christian congregations that are ethnically-based and do not seek converts. It concludes by urging the Indonesian government to undertake a series of steps to nurture religious tolerance. Your distortion of our report suggests that you are trying to do exactly the opposite.

We urge you and viewers of the video to read our report in full, which is available on http://www.crisisgroup.org along with our many other reports on Indonesia.

on Save Maryam’s timeline.


[1] International Crisis Group (ICG), Indonesia: “Christianisation” and Intolerance, 24 November 2010, Asia Briefing N°114, available at http://www.crisisgroup.org/~/media/Files/asia/south-east-asia/indonesia/B114%20Indonesia%20-%20Christianisation%20and%20Intolerance.pdf


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