[#5] Muhammadiyah clarified: No partnership with Mercy Mission (#SaveMaryam)

Raja Juli Antoni, from Muhammadiyah Bureau for International Relations and Cooperation, has clarified that there is no partnership between Muhammadiyah and Mercy Mission. I quote his statement:

“Prof. Dr. Din Syamsuddin, the President of Central Board of Muhammadiyah explained that he never signed any memorandum of agreements to mark a collaborative work between Muhammadiyah and the Mercy on “savemaryam” mission. He asked me to publicly clarify this matter. Raja Antoni (Muhammadiyah Bureau for International Relations and Cooperation)”

Mercy Mission then responded on SaveMaryam’s page:

“Mercy mission never mentioned that we signed an agreement with Muhammadiyah or anything of that sort. Mercy mission did however met up with Muhammadiyah committee and the previous head of Muhammadiyah dr.amien rais on our recent visit to Jogjakarta early July this year. You can clarify this with him. We also visit their establishment like schools and hospitals as well as their tv channel in Jogjakarta. We had series of meetings and discussions with them on various issues concerning the Muslim ummah. In fact I was there too. We don’t have any intention of distorting information. We also wish not to tell our brothers and sisters in Islam in Indonesia on how to manage their matters. Issues of Muslim ummah is on the shoulder of every Muslim. Our humble intention is to put it into practice. InsyaAllah berlapang dadalah kita ketika sama sama mahu membantu mencari penyelesaian ummah.”

In fact on SaveMaryam’s website , they clearly stated that they are in working partnership with Muhammadiyah. I quote their FAQ point no.3 from SaveMaryam’s web :

“3. Is Mercy Mission working with any local partners in Indonesia?

A: Yes, Mercy Mission is working in partnership with some of Indonesia’s largest Muslim organisations namely Muhammadiyyah. They have extensive local expertise with over 100 hospitals, 1000 schools and thousands of orphanages. We have partnered with them to help provide us the local expertise on the ground and help us understand cultural sensitivities and make our work on the ground more effective.” [1]

Here again, they twisted the fact. They only visited Muhammadiyah’s office, but claimed they are working in partnership with Muhammadiyah.

Please be honest! If you just made a visit, just write “made a visit”, don’t exaggerate and present it as if you’re working in partnership with Muhammadiyah for this campaign. Otherwise everyone who visits Muhammadiyah’s office, he/she can claim that he/she is partnering with Muhammadiyah.

Why Mercy Mission keep exaggerating the facts?

To gain more donations? More supports and popularity?

Only God knows.




Today, 1 August 2012 at 11pm GMT, a friend alerted me that finally Mercy corrected their FAQ regarding its claim about Muhammadiyah. Alhamdulillah!

The new #SaveMaryam’s FAQ reads: (as accessed on 1 August 2012 at 11pm GMT)

“3. Is Mercy Mission working with any local partners in Indonesia?

A: Yes, Mercy Mission is seeking to work with a number of local partners in Indonesia. Our focus is to secure a relationship with some of the major agencies on the ground, namely Muhammadiyah. We have great respect for them and their understanding on the ground and wish to formalize an arrangement as soon as possible. At this time, we have no formal partnerships and that is simply because we have not secured the appropriate funds to invest in the local organisations. As soon as phase two of the campaign is complete we look forward to securing and announcing who our implementation partners will be.”



[1] http://savemaryam.com/downloads/SaveMaryamFAQs.pdf

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