maul kacapi

I am currently enjoying life in Manchester, juggling between my PhD theses, part-time work and football! 🙂 Not to mention spending hours and hours in the kitchen mastering my mom’s recipe! 😉

This blog was created today in response to public request to publish a series of my facebook notes about SaveMaryam Campaign. So non-facebook readers can read them 🙂

I’ve also imported some of my old notes from facebook just to make this blog looks bit crowded 😉

Maulana M. Syuhada


2 Responses to About

  1. susi says:

    Ngga sengaja baca blog nya, jadi inget dulu Maul yang jadi Ketua OSIS SMA 3 angkatan 96. Mungkin Maul ga kenal saya, tapi saya tau Maul karena dulu satu SMA dan satu angkatan.

  2. susi says:

    Eh sorry, maksud saya Ketua OSIS SMA 3 angkatan 93. Angkatan 96 itu waktu kuliah, terlalu lama jadi lupa.

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